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What We Do

Fly2Work develops and oversees comprehensive end-to-end journey plans by facilitating and coordinating air, ground and accommodation services.

Fly2Work encompasses all aspects of fifo workforce travel to and from project sites, for workforces residing in one or multiple locations. Our services significantly reduce time and resources associated with managing the planning, procurement, risk management and operations of fly in fly out workforce transportation.

Utilising a vast network of air, ground and accommodation vendors, Fly2Work establishes and maintains a high standard of performance and efficiency, while ensuring a safe and reliable journey every time.

Our Mission: "to develop and facilitate the safest and most reliable journey and accommodation plan, whilst ensuring overall efficiency and cost effectiveness for your company's projects"


Providing all facets of air travel from commercial flights to air charter utilising aircraft that meet your requirements.


Connecting flights and accommodation, with a range of busses and vehicles, for one passenger or an entire workforce.


A seamless connection to the accommodation provider's own management system to allow for bed allocations and a simple check-in process.
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Who are you?

The process of selecting reliable, capable and cost effective vendors for your travel requirements is not as simple as it may seem. Fly2Work are experts in aviation and ground transport who understand the market and can provide the most cost effective solutions. By working alongside you to assess the market, Fly2Work will ensure all vendors meet your exact requirements for charter and commercial travel.

Through a single online portal, Fly2Work will provide you complete oversight of your workforces travel arrangements as well as the power to make necessary changes and bookings for charter and commercial travel. Fly2Work will provide you with the power to make things happen quickly, effectively and within budget.

Fly2Work will provide full transparency of travel costs including access to detailed reports outlining travel spend. With single invoice capabilities, Fly2Work will complete your reconciliations for you, while still providing you access to all vendor invoices.

Fly2Work is aware of how critical it is to have your workforce arrive on time. We are also aware of how valuable resources used to manage this can be utilised more effectively within your operations. Fly2Work will provide you with a seamless end-to-end journey management solution that gives back valuable resource time.

Your operations require the highest levels of safety, reliability and cost effectiveness. Fly2Work provides you with the ability to manage travel related costs whilst maintaining a high level of risk management for your travelling workforce.

Knowing where your workforce is at any time is critical. Fly2Work's unique mobile app provides you with information on your team's travel progress and their current location. The app also gives you the power to make changes and authorise travel when required.

Fly2Works removes the requirement for the management of multiple vendor contracts associated with journey management. It is crucial that vendors are meeting their performance standards, which will be reflected within the Fly2Work reporting module. By working alongside your team, Fly2Work will provide you with greater time to focus on your businesses efficiency and performance.

Travelling can be frustrating if it's not managed properly. Your workforce needs to arrive on site fresh and ready for work, then return home on time to relax with the family. Fly2Work provides employees with detailed information on their journey to ensure they know exactly where they need to be at what time. A happy and informed workforce will be a more productive one.

Fly2Work understands that travelling to work needs to be a comfortable and safe journey. The Fly2Work service offering ensures that your employer is providing you with the safest and most reliable travel experience. Not only will you be informed of the details of your trip, you will have the peace of mind that it's being managed to the highest standards.