Streamline your FIFO bookings in one integrated platform.

The days of managing multiple booking portals for your charter flights, commercial flights, bus transfers, car hire, company vehicle issues and accommodation (camp and offsite) are over. Fly2Work provides a unified platform for all of your booking needs.

Three minutes, and you’re ready to depart.

The entire process to book all of your flights, transfers and accommodation takes mere minutes and you can even forward book your rosters all at the same time. Management can approve instantly and you are on your way.

One Itinerary

No more juggling multiple itineraries and schedules for different trips, transfers and accommodation.

Easy Staff Training

Our portal is so simple to use that staff will only require 10 minutes training and they will be booking their trips like pros.

Scalable and Adaptable

We understand not every business has the same needs. Fly2Work can adapt to suit your operations.

Improve your business
travel management processes.

The rich data that Fly2Work compiles on one single dashboard for you will change the way you operate and deliver enormous cost efficiencies. Discover where more flights and accommodation are required, eliminate those that are rarely used.

Fast adoption and implementation,
branded for you.

Fly2Work is a Software as a service (SaaS) that can be fully tailored and customised to your requirements. This includes profiles, company branding, logos, colours and any adaptations to the booking process you may require.

One-step Approvals

View traveller booking requests and amend, finalise, wait-list or decline at the single click of a button.

Automated Itineraries

Itineraries and confirmations are automatically emailed to both travellers and accommodation providers upon approval.

Single Dashboard

Users and suppliers can both view and manage live services and manifests in real-time, from a single streamlined dashboard.

Manage Multiple Camps

Manage and monitor your entire workforce across multiple sites, including company-owned assets and commercial accommodation vendors

Built-in health checks

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way the world does business. Fly2Work has a built-in health survey that can be sent to all travellers. Any potential risks can then be denied travel with alerts sent to management for further response.

Keeping your workforce safe

Fly2Work ensures the health and wellbeing of your workforce, sending a health survey 48 hours prior to travel. If workers respond ‘yes’ to not feeling well, a health warning is flagged and sent to management.

Shaped by you

All platform development is done in consultation with our clients and we welcome your feedback through the design and development phase working in an agile development environment.

Ongoing evolution
and future updates

Fly2Work is an evolving product and our future will be shaped by you. Future solutions will be developed to meet your needs and there are big announcements to come for integration with more third-party providers.

Proven and trusted

Fly2Work has been developed in tandem with industry-leaders in the resources sector.

A service built on relationships and around-the-clock support.

Scope and scale to adapt for any operations in any industry.

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