What FIFO workers can claim on tax

The end of the financial year (EOFY) has ticked over which means it is time for workers to start preparing their returns, here is the Fly2Work guide on what FIFO workers can claim on tax:

Anything you spend at your mining camp

While you are on the job, all of those little things that you may need to purchase at your mining camp can be deducted including toiletries, food and even alcohol.

Travel to and from work

If you are required to transport large, bulky items as part of your job and there is no secure storage at your mining camp then you can claim your travel to and from the job site. You can also claim travel expenses if you are required to go to an alternative place of work for training, meetings, seminars, conferences or any other work-related event.

Tools and equipment

FIFO workers can claim on tax any tools of the trade that are needed, just bear in mind that items over $300 will need to be depreciated. You can also claim the percentage that you use them for work if you also use them for private purposes.

Sun protection costs

This not only includes the basics like sunglasses, suncream, zinc, hats etc but also extends to prescription glasses with transition or photochromatic lenses to filter out glare and other harmful rays.

Working overtime? Claim your meals

If you get a meal allowance but you are required to work overtime, you can claim additional meals outside of this allowance. If you do not receive an allowance, you can claim all meals.

Other items you can claim as deductions if they are for work purposes include:

  • iPads and mobile phones
  • Safety equipment
  • First aid kits
  • GPS equipment
  • Annual membership and union fees
  • Renewing machinery licences and tickets relevant to work (not drivers licences)
  • Any travel bags including trolleys, suit bags, backpacks, luggage – anything you travel with

The general expenses that FIFO workers can claim on tax

Outside of job-specific deductions, fly-in fly-out worker can also claim the following items that every Australian worker can claim as a deduction on their tax return:

  • Education and self-improvement expenses including seminar and conference costs, reference books and self-education fees
  • All phone and internet expenses that are related to work (a percentage of the total bill)
  • Home office costs and expenses, especially if you have worked from home during COVID-19
  • Any donations to registered charities
  • Income Protection Insurance

You can also claim any tax agent fees, so it is advised to seek out a professional to ensure you get the best possible return in 2020.

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