Case Study Shell QGC

Case Study: The challenge facing Shell QGC’s FIFO and DIDO workforce

The Shell QGC venture is located in Queensland, Australia and produces natural gas resources for domestic use and export as LPG to overseas markets. Shell QGC operates in the Surat Basin in southern Queensland and has an LNG liquefaction plant on Curtis Island. 

The challenge for Shell QGC was managing a travel program for 4,000 workers and over 140 contractors who needed to travel between job sites and operate on FIFO and DIDO schedules. 

So the industry-leading company came to us to develop a platform that would make the task of scheduling and booking flights, charters, transfers and accommodation more streamlined and simple. 

Up until 2015 Shell QGC’s site travel was managed through complex corporate travel management (CTM) systems that posed a number of restrictions, challenges and limitations on efficiencies.  

The previous business travel portal was only accessible when the user was logged onto the Shell QGC business network, meaning that bookings and amendments could only be submitted whilst personnel were on shift. This created two major problems:  

  1. The business experienced a high rate of no shows and go shows (early arrivals) for transport and accommodation services due to the fact that travellers had restricted access the system to submit amendments (resulting in a high number of unused seats on transport services and unused accommodation rooms). 
  2. Team administrators were required to manage the site travel requirements for their teams (resulting in this becoming a full-time job for many administrators). The business was required to issue contractors with a Shell QGC business laptop in order for their teams to access the site travel management system. 

This site travel system did not allow for a library of important travel-related documents to be stored. This meant that users had to search for site travel schedules /FAQ’s via the intranet while they were on shift.  

Suppliers previously did not have direct access to the site travel management system to download transport manifests, therefore daily excel manifests were provided by the site travel team via email at the end of each day. 

High Cost to the Business  

The previous site travel system was costly to Shell QGC. The business was charged per profile upload which was quite difficult to budget for the long term. 

Due to the complexity of the previous system, a higher volume of support and processing staff were required to ensure fast and efficient turnaround time of bookings. 

Restrictive System 

The previous site travel system involved a fairly lengthy process from the perspective of the support/processing team. It involved using three CTM travel systems just to confirm a charter flight booking which made the entire processing system slow. 

The business travel management services Shell QGC was using were also missing several key functions including SMS notifications in emergency situations, regular system upgrades and enhancements (which were subject to the timeline of the previous supplier), booking systems could only be switched on or off (not a combination of the two) and the system emails could not be customised. 

Fly2Work is developed to provide business travel solutions for Shell QGC 

In 2015, QGC went to tender for their aviation contract which included the requirement for a software solution to manage the full company travel requirements of their staff and contractors. 

Fly2Work was successfully deployed in 2015 after many months of consultation and customisation to the platform to suit the operational requirements of Shell QGC. 

The travel management platform was designed and developed to facilitate the management of FIFO travel and comply with the HSSE policies outlined by Shell QGC and their suppliers. 

The Fly2Work system allows for Shell QGC to report on and effectively manage the utilisation of transport and accommodation services thus reducing overall costs related to site travel. 

Our experienced team of travel coordinators also provides end-to-end support for all system users with around the clock availability.  

“With the introduction of the Fly2Work system, it is now much simpler to share my schedule with my partner as well as my supervisors.  The introduction of the SMS notification has also been great.  We are now better informed if there are delays or unplanned issues and with the consistency of one message to all travellers.”

“The ability to efficiently manage my bookings from flights, transfers and accommodation is certainly much easier than it had been in the past.  All aspects of travel and accommodation have certainly become much easier and with much more visibility over the past 12 months.”

– Mike Hopgood, Frequent User of Fly2Work

 The Fly2Work team was also recognised by Shell QGC with the 2017 Customers Service Award for Central Business Services. The team’s excellence in communication was highly recognised by the business. 


Some of the corporate travel management benefits Shell QGC now enjoy through the Fly2Work platform include:  

Improved Access (now available via any Internet Enabled Device) 

The Fly2Work portal is a web-based system, therefore is accessible using any device with internet. As users can now submit and amend travel on-the-go, Shell QGC was able to implement a policy whereby all travellers were to manage their own site travel. This saw a cost-saving for the business as Administrators were no longer required to manage site travel on behalf of travellers. 

Improved Tracking of Travellers (via live manifests) 

The key objective of site travel is to track the movement of personnel and the live manifest feature enables everyone travelling on a Shell QGC charter service to be tracked. 

Company Admins user types have the ability to view live manifests on all loaded transport services. Suppliers are provided with a login for Fly2Work to view live manifests, allowing them to process online check-ins and record no show’s and go show’s directly via the system. This allows the no show’s and go show’s to be rectified before the service has arrived at its destination. 

Improved Communication 

  • SMS notifications – Communication is paramount and Fly2Work has been designed with an SMS/email messaging function which enables real-time alerts, reminders and notifications. In the event of a schedule change or emergency, the SMS notification feature has proved invaluable on many occasions (this data can be recorded by requesting a response from the SMS message). 
  • Dashboard Message Alert – The system allows for a key message to be displayed on the dashboard which all users will see as they log in. 

Cost Reduction 

  • The Fly2Work system has reduced the requirement for Administrators to manage site travel requirements on behalf of their teams. 
  • SMS reminders are issued to all manifested passengers on a flight service the business day before travel. This has seen a reduction of no shows and go shows on these services. 
  • The implementation of live manifests has also seen a reduction in costs due to the quick resolution of no shows and go shows. Accommodation bookings can be proactively amended or cancelled before unnecessary room costs are incurred. 
  • Fly2Work has implemented a waitlist management service to ensure optimum utilisation of transport services 
  • As users are now able to access the Fly2Work portal 24/7 from any location which further reduces the volume of no shows and go shows. 
  • Reduced number of support staff due to the time-efficient process of confirming and amending requests. The system also has the ability to automatically follow up bookings that are awaiting approval. 

Shell QGC has been using Fly2Work for over three years with great success, and with maximum uptake from all users and Shell QGC contractors. That contract was recently extended until 2024. 

Fly2Work provide local service solutions to customers around Australia with its fully customisable travel management platform that manages air and ground travel as well as accommodation.  

Our travel management company can streamline all of your flights, bookings and accommodation (at camp and offsite) without the need for multiple systems and travel consultants.